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The Italian language is spoken in about 29 countries by about 60 million people all over the world but spoken primarily in Italy. Italian is known as a “romance language”, derived from antique Latin like Spanish and French. The Italian language is heavily linked with art history and music theory, as many famous artists originated from Italy. Italian is the official language of Italy and part of Switzerland as well.

When it comes to business, it is one of the major six languages in the European Union and is fairly present in business affairs not only in Europe but globally. Italy represents the highest number of Italian native speakers and therefore represents the Italian markets the most. There are over 28.8 million Italian-speaking people online worldwide with about 10 million living in Italy. Italian is one of the top ten most used languages on the internet today. Italian speaking users represent 2.7% of all worldwide internet users today (source

Italy and the Italian-speaking population hold an important place in today's modern economy and represent a significant part of the European community. In addition to its role in the European community, Italy is present in numerous international organizations, global business affairs, global decision making organizations, etc. When turning to the international markets, it is extremely important to include Italy and the Italian speaking population.

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