Google in Israel? MSN in Hebrew?
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Google in Israel? MSN in Hebrew?

It is not necessary to translate your website in order to submit it on Hebrew search engines...however, you need to have at least 1 page in Hebrew optimized with your Hebrew keywords and meta tags in order to be allowed to submit your site on Hebrew search engines:

Doing business on the Hebrew web is not about interacting with Hebrew-speaking natives in their language but rather bringing them to your website to do business with you in English!

Contract our Hebrew experts to create an entry page in Hebrew for your website optimized with your Hebrew keywords/meta tags. It will have a similar look and feel as your current home page. It will be considered as your "Hebrew entry page". Such page will feature approximately a 10 line paragraph in Hebrew introducing your web site. At the end of your "Hebrew entry page" we will tell Hebrew users that by entering your website they should expect a content in English and that all correspondences should be established in English as well. Our flash online demo explains clearly the benefits of such methodology.


Has your website been translated in Hebrew? If yes, does it have satisfactory rankings on Hebrew search engines? Click here to access the section of our website featuring optimization and manual submission services for websites featuring translated versions



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